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Hardware Gadgets – Much More Than Just Computer & Technology – This Is The Right Domain For Professional Gamers! We are the online shop for all computer freaks, PC gamers and users who want more than just standard products.
We have everything a gamer’s heart desires – starting with consumer electronics such as notebook, tablet and TV via the graphics card, housing and motherboard, up to Twitch Streamer or YouTuber Equipment. In our all-encompassing range, every gamer of all ages will find what he is looking for: Products for every purse and from well-known manufacturers such as Gigabyte, ASUS, Intel, EVGA, MSI, Razer, Logitech, Sony, Microsoft, etc.
In addition to PC components such as graphics cards, motherboards and CPUs, Hardware Gadgets also sell peripherals for gamers from the entry-level gaming mouse to the pro-gaming keyboard, gaming headset or mouse pad.
Whether you are looking for individual components from the hardware or software segment, to put together your own complete system, or looking for ready-made PCs and notebooks, the Hardware Gadgets UG offers the right counterpart for every requirement! Improve your quality of life with products from our Entertainment category, featuring the right LCD TVs, BluRay players, sound systems and many other consumer electronics products for every lifestyle.
Of course, you can also simply put together your desired PC online in our PC configurator. We are always happy to assist you with expert advice, so that you ultimately buy the computer that you really want, regardless of whether it’s a high-powered gaming PC, lightning fast video editing computer or inaudible streaming machine.

Such a gamer PC impresses with its high computing power and impressive 3D performance, which delivers optimal frame rates even in the most modern games. We know that gamers in particular often want to configure their PC individually and buy online to achieve world-class performance. That’s why we offer an extensive PC configurator, with which every gamer can assemble the perfect gaming PC. Thanks to the large selection of PC cases and numerous modding options, the optics are also not too short. Of course not only gamers but also customers who are looking for a silent or office PC can put together their own personal system in the configurator. Buy PC Online: Of course, at hardware gadgets
We offer a wide range of different PC systems, from high-performance gaming PCs to quiet water-cooled PCs or fanless all the way to the living room or mini-PC in a classy insulated housing – hardware systems are designed and constructed by professionals and produced.
As a Hardware Gadgets customer, you’ll be the first to experience the latest PC gaming technologies, such as: Virtual reality with Oculus Rift or HTC. Whether PC hardware components such as powerful AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, AMD or Intel processors with the largest overclocking potential, memory of the new DDR4 generation with or without LED lighting, internal or external hard drives with large storage capacity and high smoothness, Extremely fast and durable SSD drives or design PC enclosures with innovative features for using a water cooling or the latest gaming monitors and most comfortable gaming chairs – our team is busy around the clock for you the best computer hardware to find.

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With the PC configurator the personal PC quite easily put together
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